Morning Update – Spoilt for choice

Morning all TGIF! GBP Holding nicely since the spike we saw on Wednesday afternoon. However Brexit minister Dominic Raab is due to meet Barnier in Brussels in an attempt to speed up their talks. Despite this week’s gains, sterling is set to register its fifth consecutive monthly loss. Despite Brexit talks hopes, investors were wary

Morning Update – Conscious recoupling?!

Morning all Well finally some interesting news has caused some much needed GBP strength. We were all starting to get worried! GBP Sterling shot higher yesterday after EU’s chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier indicated that he was close to offering the UK a deal. Whether Britain accepts, is a different matter! Barnier said “we are

Morning Update – The MAYBOT

Well it appears the only thing we have learnt from Theresa May’s recent international relations trip to Africa is her horrendous dancing. If you have a spare 5 minutes during a coffee break it is definitely worth googling. GBP Hard Brexit concerns really did hit GBP hard yesterday hovering around 11 month lows. We’ve broken

Morning Update – May spread too thin?

Morning all I hope you all enjoyed the bank holiday weekend; unfortunately it’s back to business, and business as usual this end! GBP Since we’ve gone quiet this end, there has been growing concerns about a “no-deal” Brexit, pushing GBP to a near one-year low against the EUR today. Yesterday the French PM, Philippe, asked

Morning Update – In at the deep end

Trump is at it again and has not only found himself in hot, but very deep water…USD in the spotlight again… USD Unfortunately due to campaign finance violations which has directly implicated Trump by paying “hush money” to a woman whom he allegedly had an affair with it, has annoyingly taken the spotlight off the

Morning Update – Shot yourself in the foot

Morning all, looks like Mr Trump is back in the news again! Only fair we start with USD today… USD USD weakened significantly yesterday after Trump criticised the head of the Federal Reserve for raising interest rates. Trump said he was “not thrilled” with Jerome Powell’s rate hikes and said the US central bank should

Morning Update – Sweet and Sour

Morning all Hope you had a good weekend and enjoyed the last of our summer weather. GBP This morning trending across main social media mediums we are seeing “no deal” appearing in the top 10. The government is set to publish the first in a series of technical notices designed to prepare the UK for

Morning Update – Shop till you drop

Morning all, TGIF! We’ve finally seen some impressive top tier data (retail sales) released from the UK to give international business owners (you) an idea as to how we, ‘the public’ feel in light of the current political turmoil. The answer, as a nation we are exceeding all expectations but the market isn’t reacting accordingly.

Morning Update – Each way bet

Morning all We’ve managed to go 2 days without mentioning the ‘B’ word, however it is back with vengeance this morning! GBP Lets get retail sales out of the way first – what a result. Strongest three months since February 2015! Mainly helped by the weather and holidays, but still, it shows sentiment is high

Morning Update – Road to recovery

Since Brexit has been swept under the carpet it appears the UK is making a slight recovery now fundamentals have picked up… GBP Continued good news from the UK has allowed us to really find a level here and plug the descent we’ve been witnessing. Consumer price inflation nudged up to 2.5 percent year on