Morning Update – Interest on the market generally up

Morning all Either there is nothing going on in the news, or mainstream media hubs now think the economy is important… GBP Been in for a really rough ride of late, in particular Theresa May. Jeremy Corbyn has turned up the heat on the leadership battle and there doesn’t seem to be much in return

Morning Update – Another day of strength

Morning all Straight into it today.. GBP GBP has bounced half a percent across all the majors yesterday, helped by comments from Britain’s Brexit secretary that a deal with the EU was still possible. Again, this could quite easily fall either way as an imminent agreement regarding the Brexit negotiations cannot be expected. Under that

Morning Update – Time to put on the life jacket

Good morning all Hope you’ve had a good weekend; lots to discuss this morning. You may have noticed that on Friday we didn’t do an update as we thought it best for the dust to settle before diving in. Still not much clearer but we are going to give it a go. Again we are

Morning Update – Getting serious in Salzburg

Morning all Getting straight into it this morning… GBP Retail sales again came out better than expected, brilliant news. GBP pushing higher and it looks like the economy (in isolation) is doing really well. Theresa May has also been busy in Salzburg, telling her 27 counterparts her priorities were maintaining economic ties and ensuring promises

Morning Update – Ball in Motion

Morning all Going to change the format today and just discuss GBP in isolation and divide it into topics as there is too much to cover. Data Due strong inflation data this morning, GBP rose to a 9 week high, helped by strong UK inflation data. Really positive and finally the market reacted really well.

Morning Update – 12 Point Plan

Morning all Interesting documentary about Theresa May last night… GBP Last night on the BBC, Theresa May stated that the EU will have a choice between her proposed deal with the EU – or no deal at all. May was also critical of a plan by Brexiteers to resolve the Irish border issue, saying it

Morning Update – Brexit Clarity?

Morning all Hope you had a pleasant weekend and enjoyed your raft of Monday morning meetings. Leaving the US mainly out of this mornings update, still a lot of focus on Hurricane Florence and the trade war with China which I’m sure you’re all up to date with. Good to focus on a positive GBP

Morning Update – I told you so MKII

Morning all Well turns out yesterday was a non-event other than the US news. Shame really as it’s not nice being right when you’ve anticipated a boring day! We will start with the dollar today for a change… USD Weak US inflation data has led the dollar to slip to 6 week lows with the

Morning Update – Preparing for a damp squib

We may have to eat our words tomorrow morning so here it goes…. GBP So we’ve only got an interest rate decision today as the press conference has been cancelled. Taking into account interest rates were put up last month and Carney has just extended his term we are expecting no surprises. We look forward

Morning Update – Keep calm and carry on

Morning all Bit of a choppy one yesterday, but it appears that we’ve managed to hold the majority of the positive move we saw yesterday. GBP The old saying “no news is good news” appears to have been thrown out of the window! Barnier has alluded to the fact that a Brexit deal is achievable,