Morning all From everyone here at 1FX we’d like to wish you a Happy Christmas. Just to let you know we close at midday today and we are back in action on the 27th and 28th. Enjoy!

Morning Update – Stupid Politics!

Morning all Well what a week it has been in Parliament. As one of our clients have put it, “it’s like a bad Shakespearean play!” GBP & EUR Whilst retail sales this morning has been exceptional it has been largely overshadowed by the uncertainty we are witnessing in Parliament. If things continue in the same

Morning Update – PM on her 8th life

Morning all Well it appears that Theresa May is now on her 8th life! GBP & EUR After last night’s theatrics from Parliament we have now reached a smooth section of the roller coaster and hopefully we can now concentrate on negotiating a deal with the EU. GBP has recovered (ish) and let us not

Morning Update – Panicking Parliament

Morning all D Day approaches! Tomorrow, assuming everything goes ahead as planned we find out the results of the “meaningful vote” some time after 7pm. Now I’m sure you’ve all read your desired news publications and formed your own opinion on the matter. Today’s update isn’t about swaying your opinion regardless of whether you are

Morning Update – Brexit Experts

Morning all After the week we’ve had on the news I should hope that you’re all Brexit experts! We’ve stumbled across a great little flow chart which we found very useful to decipher what will happen next Tuesday if Theresa May’s agreement is passed or rejected: Passed = GBP Holds Passed with Amendments = GBP