Morning Update – Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween all! Let’s get straight into it. GBP Not having a happy time! 10 week lows…. Big day tomorrow with the interest rate decision and Mark Carney speaking. I really hope he isn’t his usual pessimistic self as we need some upbeat news to get us out of this rut post budget. EUR &

Morning Update – Boring Budget

Morning all We will just focus on the budget for today; albeit it was an hour of sheer boredom last night! Instead of focusing on the national benefits which you can read on all mainstream news providers we are going to focus on the international impact it could have on you. However this budget really

Morning Update – Budget before Brexit

Morning all It’s that time of the year again when that wretched suitcase shuffles out of Downing Street… GBP Well this is the last time Hammond prepares the budget before we leave the EU. Take note that if we cannot agree a Brexit deal, anything inside that suitcase will be worthless and a new arrangement

Morning Update – Bottom of the well?

Morning all TGIF! Lets get straight into it… GBP 7 weeks lows and I really hope that this is the bottom (for now) against the USD and 3 week lows verses the EUR as doubt grows about whether the UK and the EU can clinch a Brexit deal. Bloomberg has reported this morning that Brexit

Morning Update – Feeling Low?

Morning all A depressing yet fact laden morning update coming up…we promise to be more upbeat tomorrow! USD Going off-piste a little today and focusing on oil prices (as trump has been). Trump has urged OPEC (the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries) to ramp up production levels in oil to prevent further price rises ahead

Morning Update – D day approaching?

Morning all Well we’ve had a weekend full of rallies, border issues and bookies who’ve stopped taking bets… GBP 2nd largest protest took place this weekend, totalling 700,000 people who took to the streets of London in favour of remaining in the EU. I wonder how many of the people in attendance voted?! Joking aside

Morning update – Day at the circus tomorrow?

Good morning Breaking the trend again today and focusing on us, the UK… GBP Data Huge day of data tomorrow ranging from Retail Sales to CPI figures. Bearing in mind we’ve had some fantastic weather of late expect a range of positive figures. However the anticipated figures are slightly lower than normal so potentially Brexit

Morning Update – Nearly there??

Breaking the mould a bit today, just focusing on GBP…. GBP Not only are figures through the roof, the Brexit negotiations are doing really well. ITV news reported late on Tuesday that the two sides had made progress in negotiations over an Irish border backstop, a key hurdle in reaching a Brexit deal. However we