End of Week Round Up

Afternoon all I hope you’ve had a good week and you’ve gone some plans this weekend involving the above or whatever your chosen poison is. Can’t believe it’s December tomorrow! GBP & EUR Normally at this time of the year we start looking at freewheeling into the following year however unfortunately I think we need

Morning Update – 2 WEEK COUNTDOWN

Morning all A slightly more serious and short update rather than our light hearted approach. UK We’ve got 2 weeks until the PM’s deal is presented to Parliament for a vote. We are genuinely concerned that without the DUP’s support this deal will not go through Parliament. Theresa will attempt to defend the proposed deal

Morning Update – Bit of a trip…

Morning all Back to the usual format, despite international trade and politics being far from it! USD As the Brexit agreement stands, the UK may not be able to trade with the US. A good example of Trump shooting from the hip? Who knows, however it really has affected GBP early this morning with a

Afternoon Update – Ready for a row MkII?

Afternoon all Hope you’ve all had a good weekend. Theresa May is set to address the commons in 10 minutes, incredibly important to keep an eye on as this deal doesn’t satisfy either the ‘Brexiteer’ or ‘Bremainer’ and we fear this will come to a head this afternoon. If Corbyn miraculously manages to poke holes

Afternoon Update – Snooze!

Afternoon all. Certainly calmer as the vote of confidence hasn’t come to fruition… GBP As above, the vote of no confidence has yet to be reached, with reports suggesting we only have c.25 of the 48 required. Since the barrage of updates last week there isn’t much else to report until we hear some fresh

Afternoon Update – Utter Shambles

Afternoon all We promise to go back to the usual format tomorrow but there is too much going on in the UK to warrant worrying about the USD and EUR today. Britain It’s official, this a complete shambles! Without going into the minutiae as to why this is such a disaster as you only need

Morning Update – Surely this is it?

Morning all Breaking the trend today and focusing on the pressing matter in hand. Surely we have a deal? The answer is yes, but the deal is not good enough. It’s very simple this afternoon, either parliament agrees to this ‘deal’ tonight or Theresa needs to get a removals van organised for the end of

Afternoon Update – Nearly pulled the trigger?

Afternoon all TGIF! Lots gone on since our last update, but still very much continuing the same theme; calm down! GBP Getting frustrating that macroeconomic data has very much taken the back seat whilst all these unsubstantiated reports have been released stating that we are edging closer to a Brexit deal. Brilliant for all you

Morning Update – Calm down!

Morning all Let’s just take a breath! GBP Reports have come out yesterday that we are close to sealing a deal that would give UK-based financial services firms basic access to EU markets. This is a significant breakthrough in our negotiations and has alleviated some concerns, however this does not detract from the fact that