Afternoon Update – Snooze!

Afternoon all.

Certainly calmer as the vote of confidence hasn’t come to fruition…


As above, the vote of no confidence has yet to be reached, with reports suggesting we only have c.25 of the 48 required. Since the barrage of updates last week there isn’t much else to report until we hear some fresh news, therefore we won’t bore you with repeating last weeks fish and chip wrap! GBP is still hurting and trading at a 2 percent loss and we are anticipating this to be the case for quite some time…


Almost forgot it existed! Not performing as well as reports gone past as there are rumours that the interest rate hikes are on their last legs for the time being. In addition midterm elections certainly put the cat amongst the pigeons, particularly now Trump has lost control of the House of Representatives.


Still very much trading on sentiment, nothing new or interesting to report from the past week.

Have a good afternoon…