Afternoon Update – Swear/Brexit jar

Afternoon all We’ve added a ‘Brexit’ to the swear jar in the office – £1 fine. GBP Theresa May will be gone by Friday according to Henry Smith on LBC radio this morning if she seeks and agrees a 12 months extension. What remains of her credibility will certainly be gone and what’s worse is

Afternoon Update – No Deal Brexit Planning

You’re probably sick to death watching the news in the evening filled with countless votes from parliament and interviews from ‘crystal ball’ economists! Let us be clear – nobody knows, not even parliament knows what the Europeans are thinking and scheming. It is completely irrelevant what bill is passed in the House of Lords today

Afternoon Update – No Update

Afternoon all Remember the 100th (said with sarcasm) round of indicative non legally binding votes we had last night, which resulted in a varying levels of no? Swivel the diagram 45 degrees to the left and it will depict the labour/conservative split on the left and right respectively! Currently there is a ‘behind closed door’