Fire & Ice

Boris’ ears must still be burning from his ‘roadmap’ announcement. Will he stick to it? Was it just to shut us all up from all the moaning? Bank of England are playing ball and have put ice on the situation by saying that interest rates will be put on hold for now.


Lowest day of COVID infections yesterday at 8,489 and with 1 in 3 adults have now received a jab, things are looking up. However we must continue on the same trajectory and the current concern is that the vaccination availability has significantly reduced. Let’s hope everything remains on course for April 12th!


Brexit fog has cleared and across the pond and they are all lining up to strike up a trade deal. GBP is now the clear flavour of the month against all the majors. The main fear now is that the USD latest retreat comes with spreading belief that the US will go farther than necessary to support the economy. How? With government spending and easy money policies, therefore ending up with too much inflation and too much additional debt, equalling USD weakness.

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