Roadmap laid out

So June it is, all being well!


As alluded to yesterday our roadmap out of lockdown appears to be a positive one, which has cemented the gains we have witnessed over the past fortnight. In addition we believe that it would be nonsensical for the Bank of England to knock the economy off course with tighter policy, so don’t expected any interest rate cuts this year. Finally some good news to write in the updates!

That being said the stringency of lockdown regulations over the past year will have a material impact on businesses, particularly the significant number of small businesses that failed to receive sufficient support from the government during the pandemic. Fingers crossed our favourite pubs/restaurants still have the staff to turn the closed sign to open when the time is right…


Highest level since March 2020 for GBPEUR and STILL 3 year highs for GBPUSD!!

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