Fire & Ice

Boris’ ears must still be burning from his ‘roadmap’ announcement. Will he stick to it? Was it just to shut us all up from all the moaning? Bank of England are playing ball and have put ice on the situation by saying that interest rates will be put on hold for now.

Roadmap laid out

So June it is, all being well! GBP As alluded to yesterday our roadmap out of lockdown appears to be a positive one, which has cemented the gains we have witnessed over the past fortnight. In addition we believe that it would be nonsensical for the Bank of England to knock the economy off course


Morning all Keeping it brief and positive this morning. GBPUSD 10 ticks off the elusive 1.40!! I reckon we will see it before close of business today – do get in contact if you wish to place a ‘firm order’ when the rate becomes tradeable. GBPEUR Up a collective 3.3% since the beginning of 2021,

Making waves internationally

Good news in a graph: GBP & EUR The slow vaccination roll-out overseas appears to have contributed to the sliding EUR rate with industrial volumes of EUR exchange touching 1.15 this morning. Higher levels are possible if our continued vaccination efforts continue at the same rate above. USD Continued exellent news if you’re a buyer

GBP facing a defence on the horizon?

Whilst sentiment suggests there is potential for us to stop the spread of Covid, building upon the vaccination rollout and quarantine; can GBP build on its recent gains? GBP & USD A sharp pick up in GBP strength has held its gains over the evening with strong expectations that the UK economy will continue to

GBP staying high in the sky

Hope you have had a good weekend – lets get straight into it. GBP Recorded new 9 month highs against EUR and a new 34 month best against the USD! Mainly driven by rising global stock markets and expectations that the UK economy is on the brink of a strong economic recovery. In addition, the