Morning all

Keeping it brief and positive this morning.


10 ticks off the elusive 1.40!! I reckon we will see it before close of business today – do get in contact if you wish to place a ‘firm order’ when the rate becomes tradeable.


Up a collective 3.3% since the beginning of 2021, with half of those gains being recorded this week.

Reasons for the move:

  1. Positive technical momentum
  2. An ongoing post-Brexit realignment
  3. UK’s lead in the vaccine race
  4. Negative interest rates at the Bank of England now unlikely
  5. Broadly supportive global equity markets trends
  6. Potential buying of Sterling by global central banks
  7. It’s Friday

On that note have a good one! If you have any decent pictures you’d like featured in the morning update with a shoutout do get in touch.