End of Week Round Up

Afternoon all

I hope you’ve had a good week and you’ve gone some plans this weekend involving the above or whatever your chosen poison is. Can’t believe it’s December tomorrow!


Normally at this time of the year we start looking at freewheeling into the following year however unfortunately I think we need to start pedalling harder. Next week will be the quiet before the storm commences and we suggest looking at your budget rates before the vote takes place on the 11th December. Our gut feeling suggests there is going to be some incredible resistance, particularly from the DUP which will result in some unprecedented GBP weakness. Why? Well we will be starting down the barrel of a hard Brexit which will lead to an incredibly uncertain 2019 Q1.

Don’t let this ruin your weekend as there is lots you can do from a currency POV to remove the risk, feel free to drop us a call or drop a message below next week.


Pay close attention next week to any comments relating to trade between the US over the weekend with Mr Trump due to meet Chinese President Xi Jinping on Saturday. Tensions are expected to be high, with Mr Trump previously announcing a possible increase of $200bn on Chinese imports. However both leaders have showed a willingness to come to a consensus over this weekend, and this has bolstered market optimism.

Anyway, catch you all next week!