Morning Update – Surely this is it?

Morning all

Breaking the trend today and focusing on the pressing matter in hand.

Surely we have a deal?

The answer is yes, but the deal is not good enough.

It’s very simple this afternoon, either parliament agrees to this ‘deal’ tonight or Theresa needs to get a removals van organised for the end of the week. However the news last was chilling. Members of both the Labour and Conservative party were agreeing with each other(!!!), that the deal Theresa May has drafted with the European Union is simply not fit for purpose and puts us in a worse position than we currently are with the European union. Lets see if this gets past the cabinet this evening.

Any of you fans of the dragons den? See video below for a laugh, or you’ll cry!!!

Are you prepared for the worst?

Finally we usually post tweets from Trump for a laugh, however here is something from the ITV via Boris Johnson which is quite chilling and serious:

A third of businesses like you (circa 2million) believe the value of GBP will fall by 8-10 percent regardless of how we leave the EU by March, or indeed this afternoon. How will that affect your business and how are you planning to deal with this? There are ways and means for you to combat this headache by integrating a currency strategy into your business plan. Unfortunately burying your head in the sand is not an option this time. We all know activity and trade is starting to slow now as Christmas approaches so get in touch with us at [email protected] if you want us to come into your office when you have time to work through a strategy. You’ll find FX will be the least of your worries once we compile a plan, this won’t cost you a penny and there is no obligation to use us. Win, win!

Looking forward to hearing from you….