Morning update – Day at the circus tomorrow?

Good morning

Breaking the trend again today and focusing on us, the UK…

GBP Data

Huge day of data tomorrow ranging from Retail Sales to CPI figures. Bearing in mind we’ve had some fantastic weather of late expect a range of positive figures. However the anticipated figures are slightly lower than normal so potentially Brexit terrors have finally taken a grip on things? This will transpire around 9:30am tomorrow.

Theresa May speech

PM May has been at logger heads for the past 2 days behind closed doors trying to cobble a Brexit deal together. My gut suggests that we still need to combat the Irish border debacle so there will be no real fresh news. However be warned, anything concrete suggesting that there will be a deal imminently or not, the market will react massively and accordingly. We believe she is speaking late morning following the data so keep the radio on!

Have a good day…