Morning Update – Keep calm and carry on

Morning all

Bit of a choppy one yesterday, but it appears that we’ve managed to hold the majority of the positive move we saw yesterday.


The old saying “no news is good news” appears to have been thrown out of the window! Barnier has alluded to the fact that a Brexit deal is achievable, Carney is staying on for another term and there are reports that there is a potential leadership challenge to May. Stick all this in the cauldron and GBP has performed really well. Fingers crossed this continues, the morning updates were becoming quite depressing!


Treading water until the Interest rate decision tomorrow.


Retail sales on Friday should give us a good indication into how the general public are getting along aside from all the political bravado. Expect Hurricane Maria to impact the raft of data next month. However still a really good performing currency and in our eyes an incredibly safe, safe haven!

Have a good day