Morning Update – Back to business

Morning all Finally a bit of good news from the UK which has helped the mood across the city… GBP An unexpected call in Britain’s unemployment rate helped a struggling pound move away from 13 month lows last week. The UK unemployment fell to its lowest since 1975 during the second quarter and productivity picked

Morning Update – It’s only Turkey…

Morning all Hope you’ve had a good weekend. Lots of ‘news’ in the news, plus the calendar is full which is a welcome relief. GBP I’ll deal with the Turkish (TRY) issue in the EUR section below, however it makes any problems we are experiencing in the UK pale into insignificance. Forget ‘no deal’ Brexit

Morning Update – Limping to the finish line

Even though it has been a quiet week on the data front, I think the finish line will come as a welcome relief for GBP, come the end of play today. GBP Sterling finally steadied yesterday near 11 month lows across the board. Fingers crossed when markets reopen after the weekend,GBP manages to hold around

Morning Update – Groundhog Day

It really is beginning to feel like groundhog day, with ministers and people in power repeating statements made earlier in the week. GBP Point and case, Mark Carney came out yesterday to reconfirm that we have got an “uncomfortably high risk” of leaving the EU without a deal, whilst trade minister Liam Fox, put the

Morning Update – David and Goliath?

Whether it be a handshake or an arm wrestle vs the EU, we are certainly not cooperating at present… GBP You may be asking why the David and Goliath title? Yesterday afternoon Peter Hargreaves gave his thoughts on Brexit via Bloomberg, worth a read. Whilst we are not expressing an option one way or t’other,

Morning Update – Hanging On

It really does feel like we’re walking parallel to a cliff at the moment, with both Brexit and US-China trade tensions reaching boiling point…. GBP As mentioned in yesterdays “no news is good news” blog, the ‘fear gauge’ is sparking just that – fear. GBP stayed around 11 month lows against USD yesterday on worries

Morning Update – No news is good news

I hope you all had a good weekend and enjoyed the second heatwave.A ‘top tier news’ break for the economic calendar from Monday to Thursday this week will result in headlines being filled with playground politics. GBP Broadsheet papers this weekend were filled with worrying articles increasing GBP’s ‘fear gauge’ amid jitters ahead of Brexit. The gauge

Morning Update – I told you so!

Morning all Last blog this week so bear with us before you kick off your weekend. GBP As per yesterdays blog, Carney was not so ‘super.’ Whilst rates were raised from crises-era lows, Carney’s pessimism shone through in the press conference and GBP dropped an average of 0.6% against all the majors. He stated monetary

Morning Update – Super Carney on the Up

Morning all Expectations are high this morning in the Carney household (above) whereby the BoE is set to raise rates. GBP As mentioned in yesterday’s ‘vacances d’été’ blog there is a 90 percent chance of an interest rate rise at midday today. Should we see a rise, expect a modest amount of GBP strength between

Morning Update – Vacances d’été

Morning all Exciting part of the week approaching fast, hence why Theresa May is cutting her holiday short! GBP Joking aside the PM is cutting her Alpine break short to ‘crack on’ with Brexit talks at Emmanuel Macron’s holiday home. Merkel and Macron were urged yesterday by Britain to use their influence to make Brussels