Morning Update – In at the deep end

Trump is at it again and has not only found himself in hot, but very deep water…USD in the spotlight again…


Unfortunately due to campaign finance violations which has directly implicated Trump by paying “hush money” to a woman whom he allegedly had an affair with it, has annoyingly taken the spotlight off the FOMC minutes tonight which is a top tier slice of information. This hasn’t upset the market as yet, however we are expecting a bullish set of minutes tonight to push the dollar back in the right direction.


“Brexit could smash the pound again” – CNN. Fake news? Unfortunately not, the Americans could be right on this occasion. Predictions from top tier banks now have the pound down at $1.10 against the dollar come March next year. Something needs to happen and fast. A sharp reaction by the pound is just one troublesome area, international movement of goods will pose a huge issue if the ‘just in time’ agreement doesn’t arrive.


An empty calendar again has allowed the EUR to miss any cross fire. However as we all know this will be directly impacted by any Brexit News.

Have a good day.