GBP staying high in the sky

Hope you have had a good weekend – lets get straight into it. GBP Recorded new 9 month highs against EUR and a new 34 month best against the USD! Mainly driven by rising global stock markets and expectations that the UK economy is on the brink of a strong economic recovery. In addition, the READ MORE

Panic buying?

Morning all Long time since you’ve all had an update but the news is depressing enough without us reinforcing it every week, so we’ll try and keep it light! GBP Massively under pressure this morning as rising COVID cases prompt Britain to consider a second national lockdown. By 8am this morning it was already down READ MORE

Dry January over just in time…

So February has been an eventful one with the Corona virus and Chinese New year really slowing down proceedings. Hopefully not a sign of the year ahead…**head in hands** GBP Growth figures have come out as expected over the past week but the Brexit deadline of December 2020 is really at the forefront of all READ MORE

Show Some Interest in Interest Rates

So the all-important interest rate decision is coming up this Thursday! Please find an interesting graph below as to how it will impact GBPEUR & GBPUSD, not forgetting how we will (eventually) leave the EU…. If you need help understanding the above or require a further conversation do not hesitate to get in contact! READ MORE

War, what is it good for?

Happy New Year to you all! Hopefully you’ve caught up from the back log over the festive period and it’s business as normal. Like the POTUS USD It’s been a busy start to the year for Trump with tensions still very much at the forefront between the US and Iran. To date, Trump has only READ MORE

Double ‘ard!

Well we were on course yesterday for GBP’s biggest one day loss vs the USD since November 2018 – a massive 1.5 percent against most of the majors! Thus most of the gains we saw on Friday morning after the election results have been completely diminished. ITV reported last night that BoJo will legislate via READ MORE

Breaking Point for BoJo and Britain

TIMETABLE (We think!) We will park USD for the time being as the US/China trade deal conversations have taken a back seat since the US government have been commenting and keeping a close look on the am-dram theatre production in the House of Commons…. TODAY 12.30pm: MPs start debating the WAB (Withdrawal Agreement Bill) for READ MORE

Afternoon Update Fun Currency Facts!

Afternoon all Let us all take stock and put these events in numbers as there has been some historic shifts this week…hopefully in turn it’ll spark some interest for you to pick up the phone! GBPUSD – c. 1.21 USD today Highest Recorded Rate Back in November 2007 we hit 2.11 USD!!! Lowest Recorded Rate READ MORE

No Deal – Pound Plummet

Afternoon all It has been a while since you’ve heard from us, but we thought we’d give your Inbox a rest with all the Brexit spam! Anyway, love him or hate him, Richard Branson has highlighted the concerns over a ‘No Deal’ Brexit and what it will do to GBP – click here to read more. Even READ MORE