Afternoon Update Fun Currency Facts!

Afternoon all

Let us all take stock and put these events in numbers as there has been some historic shifts this week…hopefully in turn it’ll spark some interest for you to pick up the phone!

GBPUSD – c. 1.21 USD today

Highest Recorded Rate
Back in November 2007 we hit 2.11 USD!!!

Lowest Recorded Rate
February 1985 it dipped out at 1.05 USD

Interesting stuff above, we are currently 47 percent away from the highs we saw 12 years ago. Worryingly this is the lowest GBPUSD has been since the lowest ever recorded rate in 1985….

GBPEUR – c. 1.09 EUR today

Highest Recorded Rate
Back in October 2000 we hit 1.7331 EUR!!!

Lowest Recorded Rate
December 2008 we dipped out at 1.02 EUR

The euro hasn’t been about as long as the dollar – In fact its birthday is on the 1st January 1999, so 207 years younger! More importantly we are only 6.5 percent off the lowest recorded low against GBP. Is this the bottom or will we beat it?…

What currencies have taken a pounding this year?

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