Morning Update – Ready to drop

Morning all

Hope you’ve had a good weekend. Lots to talk about again today, mainly focused on US trade so we’ll start with that…


Trump again is upsetting the markets again, this time in Canada with the trade agreements. It really put China through the mill over the past month or so, thus expect the same with the Canadians. CAD already showing signs of weakness with a bit of USD strength as a result.

Big week ahead too for data so if we see a strong batch expect GBPUSD well below 1.30 again.


Sentiment is a bit more subdued in the EUR trading session, we really are stuck in a rut here! Slight weakness on a report that the EU was set to reject Italy’s budget plans in November and open an investigation against the country’s public accounts in February. Will keep you posted with any developments but don’t expect any fireworks this week.


Sterling will be incredibly flat this week until we hear solid news following the Conservative party conference over the weekend. According to Phillip Hammond the EU were “in the mood” to do a divorce deal. Makes a change from Theresa May’s speech last week! However deep divisions in the party could really cause havoc for GBP so we are keeping a stern eye out.

As always, here to help.

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