Morning Update – Things have gone a bit Woodward for Trump…

Morning all

Back to the news this morning…

Surely all the news can’t be fake!! 3rd book written about Trump in 18months about his leadership style. More of a tidal wave than a ripple internationally when we woke this morning.


Trump has condemned a book on his White House by renowned Watergate journalist Woodward as a “con on the public.” In the book, senior aides are quoted as saying they hid sensitive documents to prevent Mr Trump signing them. They are quoted as calling him an “idiot” and a “liar”. The book – Fear: Trump in the White House, scheduled for release on 11th September reveals a chaotic administration having a “nervous breakdown of executive power.”

Trumps response:

Fake news? USD Strength…


Feels like my ‘groundhog day’ blog! Strong PMI data today has been over shone by broader concerns over Brexit negotiations:- GBP weakness. Frustrating as positive data doesn’t appear to be having the same effect it once did. Roll on March when this fiasco is all over with!


Keeping out of harms way as per… Good PMI’s have resulted in EUR strength; who’d have thought it! Continuing its positive streak. For how long?

Have a good day

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