“I’d still sue the EU”

Unless you’ve refused to read the paper or turn on the TV you’ll of seen this man grabbing the headlines from the moment he started tweeting about Sadiq Khan on the Air Force One to his final press conference with Theresa May.

We are going to try and keep this currency based today and revert back to our usual format, but genuinely nothing of significant note has been happening!


Promises of a phenomenal post-Brexit trade deal from Trump hasn’t really moved GBP. Still struggling and has dropped for 4 straight weeks as we are still worrying that Britain will crash out of the EU around Halloween without a deal.

Boris Johnson is still the bookies favourite to replace Theresa May and on that note it would be interesting to hear your thoughts with who you’d like to replace Theresa – Get in touch.


In short struggling with rising expectations of a US central bank interest rate cut in response to trade conflict related risks. Fed reserve Chairman Jerome Powell’s tone suggested that he’d respond as “as appropriate” to trade pressure which is unlike his usual forthright tone.

As a result USD has dropped off around 1% during the start of the week. Will leave you with this:

Fantastic hosts! ?


Manufacturing figures are slowing down a bit, particularly in Germany. We’ve mentioned this in our morning update Road to Recovery and we still stand by this! Worth keeping an eye on…

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