Afternoon Update – No Deal Brexit Planning

You’re probably sick to death watching the news in the evening filled with countless votes from parliament and interviews from ‘crystal ball’ economists! Let us be clear – nobody knows, not even parliament knows what the Europeans are thinking and scheming. It is completely irrelevant what bill is passed in the House of Lords today READ MORE

Afternoon Update – No Update

Afternoon all Remember the 100th (said with sarcasm) round of indicative non legally binding votes we had last night, which resulted in a varying levels of no? Swivel the diagram 45 degrees to the left and it will depict the labour/conservative split on the left and right respectively! Currently there is a ‘behind closed door’ READ MORE

Morning Update – Brexit Blunder Continues

Morning all Well another evening of pointless (non-legally binding) votes with no clear majority. Here is a list of the upcoming events as far as we can decipher! Today or Tomorrow Theresa May will attempt to put the [same] deal back to MPs by the end of this week. However John Bercow has made it READ MORE

Morning Update – Bercow’s Brexit Bombshell

This is getting incredibly tedious…up until yesterday! GBP & EUR So for those of you who haven’t read the paper or turned on the TV/computer in the past 24 hours, we had a shock announcement from John Bercow yesterday afternoon.  He essentially stated that Theresa May can only bring a Brexit deal to the table which is READ MORE

Morning Update – Brexit Timeline (UPDATED)

Morning all We hope you’ve been well. Apologies for the lack of contact over the past week, only because nothing interesting or of note has been happening. We darn’t bore you with any uncessary news but it appears to have ramped up again! The timeline above gives you a real breakdown into what’s happening over READ MORE

Afternoon Update – Time To Let Go?

Afternoon all Well that was an interesting opening statement from Theresa May this afternoon. We are determined to get back to the usual format so here it goes…. GBP In a nutshell Theresa May has given an opportunity for the House of Commons to vote on Theresa May’s revised deal. If that is not passed READ MORE

Afternoon Update – Another delay?!

Afternoon all Well another potential Brexit delay on our hands. I think we are all sick of it and have lost complete faith, hence the market staying relatively static… GBP The Europeans want us to extend and Theresa May has stated in the news this afternoon that she “would like” to leave the EU on READ MORE

Independent Update…

Morning all The Brexit roller coaster continues! As we were writing the update GBP increased in strength off the back of news that the finance minister Phillip Hammond stated that Brexit talks with Brussles had been constructive and that lawmakers could vote on a revised deal as early as next week! This has given GBP READ MORE

Morning Update – Walking in late to the party

Morning all Another crushing defeat for May yesterday, so much so that she didn’t even bother turning up! GBP & EUR GBP hovering around 1 month lows at present after Theresa May lost a symbolic Brexit vote in parliament, no surprises really as the Eurosceptics in Parliament are really gaining traction and popularity within the READ MORE